Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU Review

Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU Review

Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU – Overview and Review

Are you looking for a lift kit that offers good flex, increased payload capacity, and an amazing ride, all for an affordable price? Sound too good to be true? I’d say so if it weren’t for the Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU.

Dynatrac has been building bulletproof Jeep axles for over 30 years and has recently ventured into producing lift kits and suspension components. The Dynatrac EnduroSport lift kit offers a true 2” of lift – enough to run 35s or even 37s (with Rubicon fender flares) while maintaining a low center of gravity. With that low lift height, it maintains great ride quality and low body roll.

I’ve spent almost 10,000 miles with the Dynatrac EnduroSport kit on my 2020 Jeep JLU Rubicon – plenty of time to experience the benefits and drawbacks of this lift kit.

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  • Dynatrac EnduroSport 2” Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU: Check Price

Ease of Installation

Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU Review

The EnduroSport lift kit contains front and rear shocks, springs, sway bar end links and bump stop extensions. Because it does not include a full array of suspension links and track bars the install is relatively easy. The included instructions are very thorough and I was able to install this kit with a jack and jack stands in just an afternoon.

Lift height

Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU Review

Some lift kits claim a certain amount of height, but drastically under-deliver. This is not the case with the Dynatrac lift kit. It claims an increase of 2” over a stock Rubicon suspension and that is exactly what it delivered. Sport or Sahara models will see even more of a lift because they sit lower than a Rubicon from the factory.

With 2” of lift and the included 2” bump stop extensions, you can expect to easily clear 37” tires with Rubicon high-line fender flares. Note that the use of 4.5-5” backspacing wheels are needed for 37s if you want to avoid any rubbing. Higher or lower backspacing wheels may cause rubbing on the inner fender liners or outer fender extensions.

On-road ride quality

Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU Review

The on-road ride quality is the highlight of the EnduroSport suspension. The Fox 2.0 Performance Series IFP shocks are specifically tuned for the Dynatrac coil springs. This results in a fantastic on-road ride that is significantly more comfortable than the factory Rubicon suspension. Small and large bumps are easily soaked up without the jarring feeling that the factory suspension delivers. Speed bumps and potholes are no match for the Dynatrac suspension system. After installing this suspension I truly felt that my Rubicon should have come this way from the factory.

I have loaded my Jeep down with over 500lb of camping and recovery gear and did not experience any more suspension sag than I did with the factory suspension. If you carry very heavy loads often you may want to consider adding a 0.5” rear coil spacer or looking into a different kit.

Off-road performance

Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU Review

The EnduroSport lift kit continues to deliver a comfortable ride off-road. Washboard roads are smoothed out relatively well because the suspension is set up fairly soft. This does lead to the vehicle feeling under-damped on big hits and whoops, especially when it is fully loaded with people or gear.

Flex and wheel travel is definitely increased over stock. Rock crawling with the EnduroSport kit feels well-controlled and the additional flex makes the vehicle feel more stable through rocky sections.

The low 2” lift height of the EnduroSport kit is both and a benefit and a drawback. It is about the smallest amount of lift that allows the use of 37” tires with Rubicon fender flares. That low height provides a low center-of-gravity leading to a very stable vehicle during off-camber or steep maneuvers. The drawback of such a small lift is that the vehicle’s ground clearance and breakover angle are not increased that much over stock. During difficult rock crawling, I was often dragging my skid plates over rocks – even with 37” tires.

Lift kit completeness

Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU Review

The Dynatrac EnduroSport kit is a pretty basic lift kit consisting of shocks, springs, sway bar links and bump stop extensions. It does come with some nice accessories such as brake line bracket extensions but it is missing a few things that would complete the package.

When raising the ride height of a Jeep, the front caster is decreased. This causes the vehicle to wander slightly at freeway speeds and reduces the “self-centering” feeling of the steering. I added adjustable lower control arms from Synergy Manufacturing to remedy this issue. Adjustable lower control arms allow you to adjust your caster angle, improving steering accuracy and self-centering. I set my caster angle to 6.5 degrees.

Another useful upgrade to the EnduroSport kit is adjustable track bars. When lifting a Jeep the axles will no longer be centered under the vehicle. Adjustable track bars allow you to recenter the axles leading to more predictable handling and less uneven rubbing at full flex. Synergy, Metalcloak, Evo, and many others offer quality track bar options.

In my opinion, these shortcomings can be overlooked due to the EnduroSport’s relatively low price. Plus, the Dynatrac duffle bag that this kit comes packed in is pretty great!

Final Thoughts

Dynatrac EnduroSport Lift Kit for Jeep JL and JLU Review

After almost 10,000 miles with the Dynatrac EnduroSport lift kit, I think it is an excellent option. It may not be the right kit for the overlander looking to carry 1000lb of gear or the extreme rock crawler looking for the best ground-clearance and flex, but it is a great kit for just about everything else.

The on-road ride quality is unmatched and the off-road performance is great for the price. I did not see any issues related to wear or suspension settling/sagging after my usage. The suspension was also silent – no squeaks or rattles. With a few additional parts to complete the suspension setup, you can have a vehicle that performs well on and off-road with the Dynatrac EnduroSport lift kit.

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Jimmy Bradley
Jimmy Bradley
2 years ago

For the love of God can somebody tell me if the Dynatrac Endurosport will fit ’21 Rubicon with the gasoline 2.0 I know will not 2.0hybrid or 392 or 3.0 ecodiesel please give me a reply have searched high and low for answer

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