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From The 4Runner to the Tacoma, heck even give me an FJ Cruiser or Tundra – I Just love Toyota. Welcome to Trail Tacoma – Your resource for Tacoma Mods, Step by Step Installs, Buying Guides and much more for the Toyota Tacoma. If you are looking for a good place to start with your Tacoma, this website should be your first choice. We share everything from wheels and tires to suspension guides and much more. Trail Tacoma is a collection of all things Tacoma; Mods, Overlanding, Off-Road, Camping, Adventure, and Exploring.

Trail Tacoma was started with the intention of sharing high-quality information on building a Toyota Tacoma. Most of us love working on our trucks and having a dependable resource to rely upon is important. Although there are forums out there, they tend to be unorganized and cluttered. Forums often require scrolling through endless threads only to realize – the answer was never there in the first place. As a community, all we want is quality information we can depend on. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good forum thread but sometimes it can get obnoxious scrolling through conversations that have nothing to do with Toyota. Trail Tacoma is about getting down to brass tacks and providing the real-world answers to each and every topic being discussed. Trail Tacoma was also more of a request from the community than anything else.

After developing Trail4Runner.com back in 2014, I have had many requests to start a Tacoma platform. I never really thought that Trail4Runner.com would take off as it has, but now we are here. We have many Tacoma owners reading posts on Trail 4Runner and asking if there is something similar for Tacoma. I searched far and wide through the interwebs only to come up empty-handed. There is no real quality resource for Tacoma Mods other than Tacoma World – and we all know the story there.

Starting Trail Tacoma (or likely better branded as Trail Taco) requires buying a Tacoma and spending, yet again, my life savings on another build. I am excited for what is to come because I have always wanted a Tacoma. I was raised on a property where I learned to drive my dad’s manual 1st Gen Tacoma – the Tacoma is literally the foundation of where I started with Toyota. I love my 4Runner but there is something about a wide-body, long-travel build on 37s that got me thinking. Also, I am eager to see how far I can take a build or multiple builds. After three decades of owning 4Runners, I am ready to add something else into the mix and what better than a 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, or even 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma.

Our users always come first

We’re pretty dang commited to your experience. Without you, there is no community. Our goal is to increase the overall experience within this community. When we say community, we mean the greater Tacoma, off-road and overland community – not just on Trail Tacoma but all all makes and models that frequent the site. That goes from providing reliable places to shop to the conversations you have with other owners looking for advice on Trail Tacoma, we aim to provide a reliable resource of information. Providing really detailed reviews, overviews, and step by step installs is what we provide and we also aim to never jepordize that experience with unwanted ads or paid sponsors that serve you with little to no value. If you have any questions about our commitment, please contact us anytime.


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